C++ Basics of String Manipulation

C++ Basics of String Manipulation

Basics of String Manipulation:

A string is a sequence of characters. In other words, a string is an array of character data type. An instance of a string is called a string literal. For instance in C++: string s = "HackerEarth"; s is a string literal.
Let us discuss a small problem on strings 

Two strings A and B comprising of lower case English letters are compatible if they are equal or can be made equal by following this step any number of times:

  • Select a prefix from the string A (possibly empty), and increase the alphabetical value of all the characters in the prefix by the same valid amount. For example if the string is xyz and we select the prefix xy then we can convert it to yz by increasing the alphabetical value by 1. But if we select the prefix xyz then we cannot increase the alphabetical value.

Your task is to determine if given strings A and B are compatible. 


  • First try to find length of strings .If lengths are not equal then it is not possible to convert A to B
  • Secondly,Find no of conversions required for prefix if the no of conversions of prefix is less than the remaining part of string,then also it is not possible to convert A to B. 
 Implementation of above approach with Code

using namespace std;
int main(){
    string s1,s2;
    int l1=s1.length();
    int l2=s2.length();
        //If lengths are not equal obviously A cant be converted to B
        int max=9999;
        int diff;
        int bool1=true;
        for(int i=0;i<l1;i++){
             //No of conversions required for the prefix should be greater
             //If no of conversions required for prefix is less then it is not possible to convert


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