Python GUI Registration Form Using Tkinter

Python GUI Registration Form Using Tkinter

GUI Registration Form Using Tkinter
GUI Registration form created using Tkinter GUI toolkit that takes the data from the users,performs necessary validations and   stores the data into the .xlsx file

Install these necessary packages if required- 
pip install validate_email    - FOR EMAIL_VALIDATION
pip install openpyxl          - FOR WORKING WITH .xlsx FILE
pip install python-tk         - FOR TKINTER
 Create excel.xlsx file in the directory of file.

Program Files - 

# ************************************************************************************************************

from tkinter import *
import datetime
from tkinter import messagebox
import re
from validate_email import validate_email

root = Tk()

class Registration_Form:
    _params = []    # Protected Member can be accessed  within class or subclass
    # Private Members of the class
    __entry_1 = Entry()
    __entry_2 = Entry()
    __entry_3 = Entry()
    __ck = StringVar()
    __c2 = StringVar()
    __c3 = StringVar()
    __c4 = StringVar()
    __entry_4b = Entry()
    __var = IntVar()
    __entry_7 = Entry()
    __entry_8 = Entry()
    # ----------------------------
    def __init__(self):
        self._params = ['Himesh','Singh','','+91','12121','Male','12345','12345'

    def __del__(self):
        self._params = []

    def special_match(self,strg, search=re.compile(r'[^a-zA-Z.]').search):

        return not bool(search(strg))

    def num_match(self,strg, search=re.compile(r'[^0-9.]').search):

        return not bool(search(strg))

    def mainget(self):

        fname =  self.__entry_1.get()
        lname =  self.__entry_2.get()
        mail  =  self.__entry_3.get()
        code  =  self.__ck.get()
        YeaR  =  self.__c2.get()
        MontH =  self.__c3.get()
        DatE  =  self.__c4.get()
        mob   =  self.__entry_4b.get()
        GendR =  self.__var.get()
        Pass  =  self.__entry_7.get()

        if GendR==1:

        date_format = '%Y-%m-%d'
            date_string = YeaR + '-' + MontH + '-' + DatE
            datetime.datetime.strptime(date_string, date_format)
        except ValueError:

        if self.special_match(fname)==False or self.special_match(lname)==False:
            messagebox.showinfo("Error!", "First name and last name should only have Characters")
        elif validate_email(mail)==False:
            messagebox.showinfo("Error!", "Please enter valid email(")
        elif self.num_match(mob)==False:
            messagebox.showinfo("Error!", "Mobile should contain only numbers")
        elif len(Pass)<8:
            messagebox.showinfo("Error!", "Password Must be atleast 8 characters long")
            messagebox.showinfo("Error!", "Password and Confirm-Password Field didn't match")
        elif flag==1:
            messagebox.showinfo("Error!", "Please select a valid date of birth")
            ch = messagebox.askyesno("Submit", "Do you Want to Submit?")
            if ch==True:

        self._params = [fname,lname,mail,code,mob,GendR,Pass, Conf_Pass,date_string,YeaR,MontH,DatE]
        self._params = self._params[:-3]

    def layout(self):

        root.title('Registration Form')
        self.pic = PhotoImage(file="background.png")
        ba__ckground_label = Label(image=self.pic)
        ba__ckground_label.pack(), y=0, relwidth=1, relheight=1)
        ba__ckground_label.image = self.pic
        canvas = Canvas(root,width=720,height=800,bg="grey")
        label=Label(canvas,text="Registration Form",font=("Times",30,"bold"),fg="brown4",bg="snow3",),y=30)
        label1=Label(canvas,text="First Name",font=("Times",14),fg="black",bg="snow3",),y=150)
        self.__entry_1= Entry(canvas,bg="white",bd=4),y=150)
        label2=Label(canvas,text="Last Name",font=("Times",14),fg="black",bg="snow3",),y=150)
        self.__entry_2= Entry(canvas,bg="white",bd=4),y=150)
        label3=Label(canvas,text="Email ",font=("Times",14),fg="black",bg="snow3",),y=220)
        self.__entry_3= Entry(canvas,bg="white",width=50,bd=4),y=220)

        list1 = ['+91','+54','+880','+32','+1','+20','+49','+972','+39','+977','+7','+44','+380'];

        self.__entry_4b= Entry(canvas,bg="white",width=39,bd=4),y=290)
        label_5 = Label(canvas, text="Gender",font=("Times", 14),fg="black",bg="snow3"),y=360)

        Radiobutton(canvas, text="Male",padx = 10, variable=self.__var, value=1,bg="snow3").place(x=180,y=360)
        Radiobutton(canvas, text="Female",padx = 20, variable=self.__var, value=2,bg="snow3").place(x=250,y=360)

        label6=Label(canvas,text="Date of Birth",font=("Times",14),fg="black",bg="snow3"),y=430)

        list2 = []
        for i in range(1980,2017):


        list3 = []
        for i in range(1,13):


        list4 = []
        for i in range(1,32):


        self.__entry_7= Entry(canvas,bg="white",width=50,show="*",bd=4),y=500)
        label8=Label(canvas,text="Password Must be atleast 8 characters long",font=("Times",7),fg="black",bg="snow3",),y=530)

        self.__entry_8= Entry(canvas,bg="white",width=50,show="*",bd=4),y=570)
        w = Button(canvas,text="Submit",width=20,height=2,bd=4,font=("Times",10,"bold"),bg="brown",command=self.mainget),y=640)

class Store_data(Registration_Form): # Derived class of Super class Registration_Form (Inheritance)
    def __init__(self,sheet):
        self.sheet = sheet

    def __del__(self):

    def excel(self):
        # resize the width of columns in
        # excel spreadsheet
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['A'].width = 20
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['B'].width = 20
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['C'].width = 30
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['D'].width = 20
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['E'].width = 10
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['F'].width = 30
        self.sheet.column_dimensions['G'].width = 30

        # write given data to an excel spreadsheet
        # at particular location
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=1).value = "First Name"
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=2).value = "Last Name"
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=3).value = "Email"
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=4).value = "Mobile Number"
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=5).value = "Gender"
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=6).value = "Date of Birth"
        self.sheet.cell(row=1, column=7).value = "Password"

    def insert(self):

        current_row = self.sheet.max_row
        current_column = self.sheet.max_column
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=1).value = self._params[0]
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=2).value = self._params[1]
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=3).value = self._params[2]
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=4).value = self._params[3]+self._params[4]
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=5).value = self._params[5]
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=6).value = self._params[8]
        self.sheet.cell(row=current_row + 1, column=7).value = self._params[7]


from openpyxl import *
from classes import Store_data,root

def main():
        wb = load_workbook('excel.xlsx')
        sheet =
        obj1 = Store_data(sheet)
    except PermissionError:
        print('Permission denied : excel.xlsx file is already opened for other use')


from main import main

if __name__ == "__main__":


Input & Output:-

  • Run the __ main __ .py file

A window will appear on the screen that will look like this - 
Enter the details required that will be checked against certain validations and then finally submit
and the given details will be stored into the excel.xlsx file that will look similar to this -

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