Python Restaurant Management

Python Restaurant Management

Python Restaurant Management

Description: In this project we made one software using GUI based tkinter library. In this Restaurant Management Project

  1. Admin login is there.
  2. After successfully login, admin can change the food item name and its price. Admin can create user so that in the absence of him, another user can change the data of food item and its price.
  3. Without admin access no one can change the price of food item.
  4. There is a calculator for calculation.
  5. User should enter Paid (customer's cash amount) and Return (user's cash amount), so that it will be helpful in printing bill.
  6. After pressing Print button, User should take customer's detail (Name, Mobile Number, Email, Address).
  7. After taking Information and pressing Submit button, Bill will open in Notepad file and as well as customer will get bill on his mail.

1. Main Page

This is how Software looks like.

2. Admin Login

After Pressing Admin Login Button, Admin or authenticated user can fill their username and password.

3. After Successful Login

After Successfully log in, user or admin can change the name and price of food item.

4. Add User

Admin or authenticated person can add extra user after pressing Add User button.

5. One Example

One Practical Example; In this customer ordered 1 Tea and 2 Bread. After pressing Total Button, user can see Total amount that customer should pay to user. Reset Button is used When user by mistakenly enter wrong entry.

6. After Print Button Pressed

After pressing Print Button one window will pop-up. In that we logged customer's information like Name, Mobile Number, Email, Address.

7. Bill

After pressing Submit Button Notepad file will pop-up. Customer's bill will present over there in Notepad. File's name contain "bill number-username-phone number". So in this way each bill will be unique.

8. Customer's Mail Inbox

After pressing Submit Button, customer will get their bill on Mail in Notepad form.

So in this way Restaurant Management Project made. We used database to store username and password of user or admin as well as json files for various purpose. We also used log file for customer's data logging and store the bill of each customer in notepad file.

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