Python Guppy Introduction

Python Guppy Introduction


Guppy-PE is a library and programming environment for Python2, currently providing in particular the Heapy subsystem, which supports object and heap memory sizing, profiling and debugging. It also includes a prototypical specification language, the Guppy Specification Language (GSL), which can be used to formally specify aspects of Python programs and generate tests and documentation from a common source.

Note that his package is for Python2 only. There is a fork that is ported and recommended for Python3 at:

Guppy is an umbrella package combining Heapy and GSL with support utilities such as the Glue module that keeps things together.

The guppy top-level package contains the following subpackages:


Documentation files. These are in a package so they get installed at a well-defined place, especially to support interactive help.
Support modules. Contains especially the Glue protocol module.
The Guppy Specification Language implementation. This can be used to create documents and tests from a common source.
The heap analysis toolset. It can be used to find information about the objects in the heap and display the information in various ways.
Bitsets and %u2018nodesets%u2019 implemented in C.

Guppy 3 is a fork of Guppy-PE, created by Sverker Nilsson for Python 2.


You should have Python 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8. This package is CPython only; PyPy and other Python implementations are not supported. Python 2 support can be obtained from guppy-pe by Sverker Nilsson, from which this package is forked.

To use the graphical browser, Tkinter is needed. To use the remote monitor, threading must be available.


Install with pip by:

pip install guppy3

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