C++ getchar() function

C++ getchar() function


    The getchar() function in C++ reads the next character from stdin.

    Syntax :
int getchar();

  The getchar() function is equivalent to a call to getc(stdin). It reads the next character from stdin            which is usually the keyboard.

It is defined in <cstdio> header file.

   getchar() Parameters


  getchar() Return value

  • On success, the getchar() function returns the entered character.
  • On failure, it returns EOF.
    • If the failure is caused due to end of file condition, it sets the eof indicator on stdin.
    • If the failure is caused by some other error, it sets the error indicator on stdin.

  Example: How getchar() function works

#include <cstdio> 
#include <iostream>
using namespace std; int main() { int c,i=0; char str[100]; cout << "Enter characters, Press Enter to stop\n"; do { c = getchar(); str[i] = c; i++; } while(c!='\n'); cout << str; return 0; }

    When you run the program, the possible output will be:

Enter characters, Press Enter to stop
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rtq paSd12 6.2 haQ