Python Shlex Functions

Python Shlex Functions

                                                   Python Shlex Functions
Hello ,This is Rohit Kumar. In this article i will talk about python shlex functions.
The shlex module defines the following functions:
1.shlex.split(s, comments=False, posix=True):
Split the string s using shell-like syntax. If comments is False (the default), the parsing of comments in the given string will be disabled (setting the commenters attribute of the shlex instance to the empty string). This function operates in POSIX mode by default, but uses non-POSIX mode if the posix argument is false.
Note:Since the split() function instantiates a shlex instance, passing None for s will read the string to split from standard input.
# First we import module shlex
import shlex
s='somefile; rm -rf ~'

            ['somefile;', 'rm', '-rf', '~']
Return a shell-escaped version of the string s. The returned value is a string that can safely be used as one token in a shell command line, for cases where you cannot use a list.

This idiom would be unsafe:

>>> filename = 'somefile; rm -rf ~'
>>> command = 'ls -l {}'.format(filename)
>>> print(command) # executed by a shell: boom!
ls -l somefile; rm -rf ~

quote() lets you plug the security hole:

>>> command = 'ls -l {}'.format(quote(filename))
>>> print(command)
ls -l 'somefile; rm -rf ~'
>>> remote_command = 'ssh home {}'.format(quote(command))
>>> print(remote_command)
ssh home 'ls -l '"'"'somefile; rm -rf ~'"'"''

import shlex
s='somefile; rm -rf ~'


        'somefile; rm -rf ~'


Concatenate the tokens of the list split_command and return a string. This function is the inverse of split().
from shlex import join
print(join(['echo', '-n', 'Multiple words']))
echo -n 'Multiple words'


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