Python Program to Print All Permutations of a String in Lexicographic Order using Recursion

Python Program to Print All Permutations of a String in Lexicographic Order using Recursion

The Code:
class string_permutation:
def __init__(self,s):
#to store the string
#to store the length of the string
#to store the generated string and also for sorting
def rec(self,l):
for j in range(0,self.n):
if j not in d:
for q in d:

def execute(self):
for i in range(0,self.n):
def get_the_strings(self):

#the main block
'Enter the string:'))

The code provided is
in python3 . I used Python 3.7.1. The given problem was to accept a
string ,find all possible permutations and arrange them in
lexicographical order or alphabetical order.

Well if a guy is
into algorithm subject for a time , it is for sure that he or she may
have heard about NP-hard problem.(And suddenly our minds shifts to
other problems,big recursive trees of n-queen problem,graph colouring
problem). All the NP- hard problems are difficult to sove because
most of them have O(2n) complexity. Thus the most time
taking algorithms of all. All these algorithms have same procedure of
finding permutations one way or other ,hence similar to the given
problem. Therefore this problem is also NP-hard.

So how we do it.
let us take an example of a small problem so it will be easily

Let a string be
"cat" so approach can be like:

So basically the
idea is:

1) store the string.

2)get the length

3)if the length is
described as n then we will get all possible arrangements from 0 to

4)The reason is
getting numbers from 0 to n-1 will give us access to the characters
of the inserted string

Now visualise this
as like this:



will be the combination

now access the
characters with created_string=s[0]+s[1]+s[2]..... etc

Since it is a O(2n)
algorithm implementation,execution can be a bit bumpy, as for we need
all the permutation then number of expected outputs will be factorial
of n,

cat,n=3,n!=6,cat,cta,atc,act,tac,tca a total of 6 outputs

code gives output
quickly till n=9 but slows for n=10 and starts slowing down for
longer strings

here are some

for a 6 letter word

it stops for some moment in 10 letter word
But after sometimes output bursts out
the oop concept:
class members are s,n,list_of_generated_strings and class functions are execute,get_the_strings,rec,the __init__ is used to initialise which is a part of constructor

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