Python random shuffle

Python random shuffle

Python randomshuffle() 

In this article, we will learn how to shuffle the Python list randomly using 
random.shuffle() function of a random module. Also, learn how to shuffle string or any sequence in Python randomly. When we say shuffle a list, it means we are rearranging the order of items in a list randomly.
The shuffle() method takes a sequence (list, string, or tuple) and reorganize the order of the items.

Note: This method changes the original list/tuple/string, it does not return a new list/tuple/string.

Syntax :


Parameter Values :

sequenceRequired. A sequence. Can be a list, a tuple, or a string.
functionOptional. The name of a function that returns a number between 0.0 and 1.0.
If not specified, the function random() will be used

Return Value :

The random.shuffle() shuffles in place and doesn't return anything i.e., It returns None. This function changes the position of items in a mutable sequence.

If you want to perform shuffling as per your need, then you can pass a custom random function in the place of a random argument, which will dictate shuffle function on how to randomizes the items of a list.

Shuffle a list using random.shuffle() :

#importing random module
import random

#initializing a list
my_list = ['c','p','p','s','e','c','r','e','t','s']
print("Original list:", my_list)

#first shuffle
print("List after first shuffle:", my_list)

#secong shuffle
print("List after second shuffle:", my_list)


Original list: ['c''p''p''s''e''c''r''e''t''s']                                                                             
List after first shuffle: ['p''p''s''c''c''t''r''e''e''s']                                                                  
List after second shuffle: ['r''c''p''e''t''s''c''p''s''e']

Note: As you can see in the output, the positions of list items are changed.

Shuffling a String :

If we try to rearrange a string's characters using random.shuffle() you will get an error.

The reason behind this is a string is immutable. And You can't modify the immutable objects in Python. The random.shuffle() function adjusts the position of the items. It changes the original object. The random.shuffle() doesn't work with String. I.e., It can't accept string argument. 

Let's understand this with the help of the following example.

 #importing random module
import random

#initializing a string
string = "cppsecrets"

#try to shuffle a string

Output :

We have a solution to this. We can shuffle a string using various approaches. Let see each one by one.

Approach One

  • Convert String to list
  • Shuffle the list randomly
  • Convert the shuffled list into String
#importing random module
import random

string = "cppsecrets"
print("Original String: ", string)

# convert string into list
char_list = list(string)

# shuffle list

# convert list to string
final_string = ''.join(char_list)
print("shuffled String is: ", final_string)


Original String:  cppsecrets                                                                                                                  
shuffled String is:  prptcesecs

Note: The above example shuffles the list in place. Let's see how to get shuffled a list of the original list without changing it.

Approach Two: Shuffling a String, not in place

Using this approach, we can have the original string unchanged and get the new shuffled string in return. Also, we don't need to convert string to list to get the shuffled string. i.e., To shuffle an immutable object like string and return a new shuffled string, we need to use random.sample(sampleStr, k=len(sampleStr)) instead.

#importing random module
import random

string = "cppsecrets"
print("Original String: ", string)

# shuffle string using random.sample()
final_string = ''.join(random.sample(string, len(string)))
print("shuffled string is: ", final_string)


Original String:  cppsecrets
shuffled string is:  eptcprssec

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