Internship Opportunity at cppsecrets for May 2020 batch

Internship Opportunity at cppsecrets for May 2020 batch

Dear interns,

Greeting from (CPPSECRETS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED). First of all, I would like to thank you for applying for an internship at It is one of the most popular platforms for C++ and Python Engineers. We hired more than 200+ interns ( in the last 2 years and this internship was like a booster for their career(

We are getting a lot of applications for internships. However, we are having a requirement of 3 C++ interns and 5 Python interns every two months.

We are conducting an online exam. is having own online examination portal and it is one of the advanced online exam tools in the world. There is no scope of cheating during the exam, we are tracking your activities during the exam. After giving the exam, you can see your rank, so it is a completely transparent process.

Note: You need a high-speed internet connection to give the online exam. The exam will be open for three days, you can give the exam at your convenience. The same intern can give both the exam C++ and Python.

C++ Exam Date: 20-April-2020 12:01 AM to 22-April-2020 11:59 PM

Python Exam Date: 23-April-2020 12:01 AM to 25-April-2020 11:59 PM

30 Questions, 30 minutes. No negative marking.

The result will declare on 27-April-2020 05:00 PM

Internship Date: 01-May-2020 to 30-June-2020

Let's prepare for the online exam and also explore

Let's visit our Official Linkedin Page( for more information. 

Work Location:

This is work from the home internship. You need to work remotely.


For C++ Exam: Basic C++ like class, inheritance, constructor, destructor. Some questions will be related to STL like vector, list, map, algorithms header etc. 2-3 questions will be related to OOPs.

For Python: Most of the questions will be based on class, inheritance, constructor, destructor etc. Some questions will be related to list, dictionary, tuple.

Important Points:

  1.  The actual selection exam will be available on the specified date only. After the specified date, the exam will be inactivated. So, you can't see the exam.

  2. We are very strict about time. So, you need to give the exam on the provided date only. We are already given 3 days for the exam. So you must be available for 30 minutes to give the exam out of 72 Hours.

  3. We will select 3 C++ interns and 5 Python interns for a stipend based internship. These people will get the stipend from Again this is based on performance as well. If you will not perform then you will not get a stipend and also will not get any certificate.

  4. Apart from this, we will select a few interns for the un-paid internship, those who will not get the stipend.

  5. All the selected interns(either stipend based or non-stipend based) will get an internship completion certificate(it is based on your performance) along with goodies. cppscerets goodies will be provided to everyone.

  6.  cppsecrets is one of the reputed organization and our internship certificate is completely valuable. So you need to perform well during the internship, otherwise, you will not get a certificate. Our interns placed in companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Shell, ARicent, Infosys, etc. You can see the Linkedin profile of the interns who did an internship at

  7. will not charge any fees/money for this internship. If someone is asking for the money for the internship at, then immediately send mail to us at We will take appropriate legal action against them.

As per the request received from a lot of interns, we are providing a free sample exam. You can attempt for the exam and try to be familiar. It will help you while giving the actual exam.

Steps to give free sample exam:

Note: Use Laptop/PC for exam

i) Signup and login at

ii) After login goes to and applies for an internship. Name and Phone number field are mandatory and upload resume is the optional filed. After entering the details, click on apply.

iii) After applying for an internship go to and login with your credentials. Your dashboard will open. Click on My Exam.

iv) In the Action column, You can see the green button, which is the Attempt button. Click on that and your exam will be started. Read the startup messages carefully before starting the exam.

v) After giving the exam you will get your result in your exam portal dashboard. Also, we will send you the result through email.

Note: If someone is applying for the second time or third time, then please send mail to (Mention your email id in the email). I will check his/her result and will definitely give some preference and will try to select them for an unpaid internship. We must have your previous results as well.

If you have any questions/doubts regarding the internship then please send your query to We will definitely get back to you.

Selected Interns for C++ Internship:

Selected for stipend based internship
Padigela HritikVNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology
Keshav KabraBhartiya Institute Of Engineering & Technology
Ragini LakraIIT BHU
Selected for unpaid internship
Manish JhaG.R.D. I M T College
Sai Sumith PathaJNTUH College of Engineering Jagtial

Note: If you have any queries regarding the result then you can contact us at pankaj@cppsecrets,com.

Selected Interns for Python Internship:
Selected for stipend based internship
Rishabh KarmakarInternational Institute of Information Technology, Pune
Mradul TiwariNIT Allahabad
Prajesh SrivastavaGLA University
Anshuman GuptaUniversity Institute Of Engineering And Technology Kanpur
Selected for unpaid internship
Vishal LodhiIndian Institute Of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing Jabalpur

Note: If you have any queries regarding the result then you can contact us at pankaj@cppsecrets,com. We still have 4 seats available for unpaid internships. If you have developed any attractive python or machine learning project on GitHub or any other public domain, then please share your resume along with the GitHub link to

Follow at Social Media:

You can reach us at if you have any doubt or if you want further discussion.

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