Python program to convert int list to a string

Python program to convert int list to a string

Our aim to convert list of char to string. 
For example : int_list=[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]  to int_list='0123456789'
There are three ways of doing it.

1) For loop.

In above program int_list gets iterate through the for loop and getting concatenated to int_to_string. The above program is the simplest of all and very basic way of int to string conversion. But python has simplest of simplest code one can learn.

2) Using join and list comprehension.

In above program we simply transfer for loop into single line code using list comprehension. As one could observe, list comprehension is only used to convert int_list having int value into str. Immediately join() is considered to concatenate each value in list to string.

3) Using join and map.

map(<1st argument>,<2nd argument>)
This is the easiest and less time consuming, also used in competitive programming. Here, map() will iterate through the list given in 2nd argument i.e. int_list and convert the int_list having value in int to str as mentioned str in 1st argument. Rest of the task will be proceed by join().