Package socket client

Package socket client

The whole package contains two Socket client-

The class Socketio.Client() creates a client that is compatible with the common Python library.

A client that is compatible with the asyncio package is created by the Socket.AsynciClient() class.


The sole distinction between the two is that the asyncio client's majority of methods are implemented as coroutines.


It is necessary for both the client and the server to use compatible versions of the Socket.IO protocol because it has undergone a number of revisions, some of which caused backward incompatible modifications.

Some of the client features that can be mentioned are-


-can create connections with other JavaScript Socket.IO servers that are JavaScript Socket.IO 1.x and 2.x compliant. Release 3.x support is currently under development.

-Works with Python 3.6 and above

Two clients are available, one for asyncio and the other for regular Python.

-User decorators to design an event-based architecture that obscures the protocol's characteristics.

-HTTP long-polling and WebSocket transports have been implemented.