This library aims to control the brihome smart light bulbs. It internally uses the pytuya library and is able to control many parameters on the led bulb.

pip install python-brihome

Actually the briihome is part of a family of ESP8266MOD low cost WiFi smart devices from Shenzhen Xenon. These bulbs are sold under different names. If your bulb was around 10-20€, and port 6668 is open chances are good you can control it with this library.

In Order to use the brihome.Bulb(...) constructor you need to obtain the local device id and the device key that your bulb uses. You can find these by sniffing the brihome app's traffic. Refer to this document to obtain valid device id and device key.

Pull request are welcome. Not every function the bulb supports are implemented. Help on error handling and extended functionality is welcome.