C++ Loki Introduction

C++ Loki Introduction

Loki Introduction

Loki is a C++ library developed and written by author and programmer Andrei Alexandrescu. This library is a small portion of his book C++ modern design.
 As the name suggests and many of you might have guessed, Loki is the name of the god in Norse Mythology, where he is depicted as a God who is mischievous, clever, playful trickster. Similarly, the author (Andrei Alexandrescu) aims of providing flexiblity and powers to play with the library as God Loki. The library consists of design patterns, idioms and ready to use functions.
 This library is under the namespace Loki. There are many list of modules such as Factories (Abstract Factory, Cached Factory, Clone Factory), Function Objects, Function Objects, Pimpl, Register, Exception-safe Code, Singleton, Small objects, Smart Pointers, Threading and Visitor. Except for the threading part, all the modules are written exclusively in standard C++.    
Currently, Loki library is not limited to the scope of the book, it is widely used and has improved functionality. This library is open-source freely available and can be downloaded from source forge platform https://sourceforge.net/projects/loki-lib/files/Loki/

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