Introduction to Unicodedata library lookup and name functions

Introduction to Unicodedata library lookup and name functions

Python Library

Python is one of the most simplest languages and
these libraries contribute largely to its simplicity. A Python Library is one
which contains different modules and codes that can be used repeatedly in
different programs. These libraries help in simple and convenient coding in

One such library defined here is Unicodedata
. The functions in this library are:

1. unicodedata.lookup(name)

2.[, default])

3. unicodedata.decimal(chr[, default])

4. unicodedata.digit(chr[, default])

5. unicodedata.numeric(chr[, default])

6. unicodedata.category(chr)

7. unicodedata.bidirectional(chr)

8. unicodedata.combining(chr)

9. unicodedata.east_asian_width(chr)

10. unicodedata.mirrored(chr)

11. unicodedata.decomposition(chr)

12. unicodedata.normalize(form, unistr)

13. unicodedata.unidata_version

14. unicodedata.ucd_3_2_0

Unicodedata Library

Two of the functions defined here are unicodedata.lookup(name) and[,


The Unicodedata library in python is helpful in
defining the properties for all the Unicode characters available in the Unicode
Database. This library accesses the Unicode Character Database (UCD) for
defining the characters.

The UCD file link:

A brief description of Unicode:

The computers only understands the binary numbers.
Each and every characters we use is encoded into a particular using some
specified bits. Unicode is basically defined as the encoding standard used for
representation of text for computer processing. Unicode includes all the
possible characters from all languages we use nowadays, thus is helpful for
making it easier for us to work using our familiar characters.



Each character present in the Unicode Character
Database is given a particular name. 

This function takes in the name of the particular
character in the Unicode as an argument, and returns the character.

If no valid character name is provided then it
returns the KeyError.[, default])

This is a function defined in the Unicodedata
library which gives the name of the character defined in the Unicode Character
Database (UCD). 

If no name is defined in the database corresponding
to the name provided as the argument, the it returns the the ValueError.

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