Python wagtail page models

Python wagtail page models

             Page models

Each page type  in Wagtail is represented by a Django model. All page models must inherit from the wagtail.core.models.Page class.

As all page types are Django models, you can use any field type that Django provides. . Wagtail also provides RichTextField which provides a WYSIWYG editor for editing rich-text content.


         An example Wagtail page model

    This example represents a typical blog post:

from django.db import models

from modelcluster.fields import ParentalKey

from wagtail.core.models import Page, Orderable
from wagtail.core.fields import RichTextField
from wagtail.admin.edit_handlers import FieldPanel, MultiFieldPanel, InlinePanel
from wagtail.images.edit_handlers import ImageChooserPanel
from import index

class BlogPage(Page):

# Database fields

body = RichTextField()
date = models.DateField("Post date")
feed_image = models.ForeignKey(

# Search index configuration

search_fields = Page.search_fields + [

# Editor panels configuration

content_panels = Page.content_panels + [
FieldPanel('body', classname="full"),
InlinePanel('related_links', label="Related links"),

promote_panels = [
MultiFieldPanel(Page.promote_panels, "Common page configuration"),

# Parent page / subpage type rules

parent_page_types = ['blog.BlogIndex']
subpage_types = []

class BlogPageRelatedLink(Orderable):
page = ParentalKey(BlogPage, on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name='related_links')
name = models.CharField(max_length=255)
url = models.URLField()

panels = [


                   Different type of Database fields in classwagtail.core.models.Page

   1) title   

            Human-readable title of the page.

2)  slug
  This is used for constructing the page%u2019s URL.

    For example:[my-slug]/

 3) content_type

 A foreign key to the ContentType object that represents the specific model of this page.

4)  live

A boolean that is set to True if the page is published.

5)  first_published_at

The date/time when the page was first published.


The date/time when the page was last published

7)  locked

When set to True, the Wagtail editor will not allow any users to edit the content of the page.

If locked_by is also set, only that user can edit the page.

8) locked_by

The user who has currently locked the page. Only this user can edit the page.

If this is None when locked is True, nobody can edit the page.

9) locked_at

The date/time when the page was locked.


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