Python wagtail model class PageRevision

Python wagtail model class PageRevision

In the previous article we explored model class Site .If you haven't gone through that,then please click on this link  wagtail core model Site In this article we will explore model class PageRevision.First of all we have to know what is the use of PageRevision model and how it can be created.

Every time a page is edited a new PageRevision is created and saved to the database. It can be used to find the full history of all changes that have been made to a page and it also provides a place for new changes to be kept before going live.

  •   Revisions can be created from any page object by calling its save_revision() method
  •   The content of the page is JSON-serialised and stored in the content_json field
  •   You can retrieve a PageRevision as a Page object by calling the as_page_object() method

        Now we learn about different type of Datebase fields and Method and properties of


                        Database fields

  • submitted_for_moderation (boolean)
             True if this revision is in moderation
  • created_at  (date/time)     
              This is the time the revision was created
  • user  (foreign key to user model)   
              This links to the user that created the revision
  • content_json  (text)   
             This field contains the JSON content for the page at the time the revision was created 
                Methods and properties

  • as_page_object()
              This method retrieves this revision as an instance of its Page subclass.
  • approve_moderation()    
            Calling this on a revision that's in moderation will mark it as approved and publish it
  • reject_moderation()
              Calling this on a revision that's in moderation will mark it as rejected
  • is_latest_revision()
              Returns  True if this revision is its page's latest revision
  • publish()
              Calling this will copy the content of this revision into the live page object. If the page is in draft, it will                               be published.


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