Python wagtail Templates

Python wagtail Templates

 In the previous article we have discuss about Backends.If you have not gone through it you see through this link Backends. In this article will start a new topic that is Templates.                                 
                                  Templates Introduction

 Django needs a convenient way to generate HTML dynamically. The most common approach relies on templates. A template contains the static parts of the desired HTML output as well as some special syntax describing how dynamic content will be inserted.
In case of wagtail,For each page model in, Wagtail assumes an HTML template file exists of  the same name. The Front End developer may need to create these templates themselves by refering to to infer template names from the models defined therein.

To find a suitable template, Wagtail converts CamelCase names to snake_case. So for a Blogpage, a template will be expected blog_page.html. The name of the template file can be overridden per model if necessary.

Template files are assumed to exist here:



                                                   Template tags & filters

Wagtail provides some  tags && filters of its own here are list of some of the tags && filters:-

  • Images (tag)
        The Image tag inserts an XHTML-compatible img element into the page,setting its src, width, height and alt.

            The syntax for the image tag is thus:

                 {% image [image] [resize-rule] %}

         For example:-

{% load wagtailimages_tags %}

{% image width-400 %}

<!-- or a square thumbnail: -->
{% image fill-80x80 %}

  • Internal links (tag)

  1. pageurl

             Takes a Page object and returns a relative URL (/foo/bar/) if within the same Site as the current page

{% load wagtailcore_tags %}

{% for publication in page.related_publications.all %}
<a href="{% pageurl publication.detail_page fallback='coming_soon' %}">
{{ publication.title }}
{% endfor %}
  2. slugurl

   Takes any slug as defined in a page's "Promote" tab and returns the URL for the matching Page. If multiple pages exist with the same slug, the page chosen is undetermined.

{% load wagtailcore_tags %}
<a href="{% slugurl 'news' %}">News index</a>

  • Static files (tag)

Used to load anything from your static files directory. Use of this tag avoids rewriting all static paths if hosting arrangements change, as they might between development and live environments.

{% load static %}
<img src="{% static "name_of_app/myimage.jpg" %}" alt="My image"/>


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