Python wagtail Basic Block

Python wagtail Basic Block

 In the previous article we have discuss about Templates.If you have not gone through it you see through this link Templates. In this article will start a new topic that is Block.          

In this article we will learn about different type of basic block in python wagtail

    Here are list of some of the basic block as provided by python wagtail

  • CharBlock  (wagtail.core.blocks.CharBlock)
                         A single-line text input.

  • TextBlock  (wagtail.core.blocks.TextBlock)

                 A multi-line text input

  • EmailBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.EmailBlock)
               A single-line email input that validates that the email is a valid Email Address

  • IntegerBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.IntegerBlock)
                    A single-line integer input that validates that the integer is a valid whole number

  • BooleanBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.BooleanBlock)
                 A checkbox.

  • DateBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.DateBlock)

             A date picker.

  • TimeBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.TimeBlock)
           A time picker. 

  • DateTimeBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.DateTimeBlock)
           A combined date / time picker.

  • RawHTMLBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.RawHTMLBlock )
           A text area for entering raw HTML which will be rendered unescaped in the page output.

  • ChoiceBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.ChoiceBlock)
            A dropdown select box for choosing from a list of choices.

  • MultipleChoiceBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.MultipleChoiceBlock)
            A multiple select box for choosing from a list of choices.

  • PageChooserBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.PageChooserBlock)
        A control for selecting a page object, using Wagtail's page browser. 

  • SnippetChooserBlock (wagtail.snippets.blocks.SnippetChooserBlock)

          A control to allow the editor to select a snippet object.

  • EmbedBlock (wagtail.embeds.blocks.EmbedBlock)

            A field for the editor to enter a URL to a media item  to appear as embedded media on the page

  • ImageChooserBlock (wagtail.images.blocks.ImageChooserBlock)

           A control to allow the editor to select an existing image, or upload a new one.

  • StaticBlock (wagtail.core.blocks.StaticBlock)

          A block which does't have any fields, thus passes no particular values to its template during rendering


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