Python guppy Introduction

Python guppy Introduction

                    INTRODUCTION TO Guppy-PE

 It is a programming environment providing object and heap memory sizing, profiling and analysis. It includes a prototypical specification language that can be used to formally specify aspects of Python programs and generate tests and documentation from a common source.

        Guppy-PE is only available for Python 2 only So,YiFei Zhu  created Guppy 3 for Python 3

                                              INTRODUCTION TO  Guppy

Guppy is an umbrella package combining Heapy and GSL with support utilities such as the Glue module that keeps things together.

The name guppy was chosen because I found it in a backward-dictionary as a word ending with py and I thought it was cute enough and that it would not so likely conflict with some other package name. It was to be a general name since all kinds of packages should fit under this top level name.


Now we will discuss about two support utilities that is Heapy and GSL briefly

The aim of Heapy is to support debugging and optimization regarding memory related issues in Python programs

  • GSL

The Guppy Specification Language is an evolving specification language.

The documents generated have a formal structure for describing the formal aspects of the specification, complemented with descriptive text from the same source documents. 

      Specifications written in GSL can be used for:
  • Generating documentation
  • Generating tests
  • Resolving compatibility issue

GSL has been used to generate the documentation for this Guppy distribution. Some part of the specification has been checked against the implementation using the generated tests, which did reveal some discrepancies that were subsequently corrected.

This package also  contains the following two more  subpackages that is

  • etc - Support modules. Contains especially the Glue protocol module.

  • sets - Bitsets and 'nodesets' implemented in C.


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