Mistakes You Must Avoid During Work From Home

Mistakes You Must Avoid During Work From Home


Mistakes You Must Avoid During Work From Home

COVID-19 pandemic has led the companies to follow the work from home option for all their employees amid the global health crisis.

As some of the companies and their employees find Work from home concept new, chances are high that many employees make several mistakes and hamper their Work from home.

So, if you too are struggling with maintaining a productive workday, this article will give you the right direction and share the 7 common Work from home mistakes you should avoid at any cost.

1. You must not put your personal data on office laptop

  For the same good reason mentioned  above, it is highly advisable that you do not store your personal  belonging  on a work computer. Additionally, there are chances that you will have to submit that laptop to the IT department and get a new one any day you join the office. If it is  necessary, then keep your  personal data in a separate folder and mark it with personal stuff tag.

     2. Keeping your computer unattended and unlocked

If you have children at home, you would not want your children to send random emails or turning on a video chat or typing garbage in a presentation you have been working for hours, This could be the biggest mistake of your life to keep your work computer unattended and unlocked.

    3. Not keeping a track of your work

For many employees, it becomes extremely difficult to keep a record of their work, and hence, monitor productivity. This leads to delayed deadlines, procrastination of work or poor work performance.To save yourself from this type of mistakes, keep a record of your work and monitor it at the end of the day.

4. Do not Share office laptop with other family members

Working from home at the time of a lockdown, make sure you never share your company resources with someone else in your house.There are important files and document that should be discrete to you only and the traces of the other persons work can get your system compromised. In most cases, you can get penalised for this when you are back in the office.

  5.You should not Save your official work on personal Google Drive or email accounts

There is a saying, "keep your work personal". Well, that  set completely true in the current scenario you should at least do not save your official work on your personal Google Drive or email account. This can accidentally leak the data and lead to dangerous consequences in future.

6. Do not use  insecure internet connection

Hackers are now targeting home networks ,  so you might have critical information that must not be leaked at any cost. This should be your first priority to work on a secure network. If you can arrange for a Virtual private network, that will be the best; or, you can  install a firewall to avoid any potential cyber attack while you are doing your work from home.

7. Do not use Same internet for surfing your personal stuff in which you use it for your work

It is  very important that you use different browser or private browsing mode for your own personal internet surfing. The IT team in most of the organisations keeps tab on the information relieved and received from an official system. This may create humiliating situations for you.

I hope this article will help you to work safely in your home  and you will not make the same mistake again.

          Thank You!


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