Mistakes To Avoid During Technical Interview

Mistakes To Avoid During Technical Interview


Mistakes To Avoid During Technical Interview

Technical interview questions sometimes throw job hunters for a loop, but you can avoid the most common mistakes. Studying IT technical interview questions will help you prepare for your interview so you will know exactly what you should say to make the best possible impression.

It is  also sometimes necessary to prepare for potential mistakes that you might do during interview . Following are  the most common that might get you in problem.


 1.Stretching Your Skills

If you are not up-to-date with Big Data analytics or machine learning or any other treading topic , don't claim those skills during the interview.

Similarly, don't claim advanced knowledge of a skill or competency if you only have a basic understanding of how it works. Fabricating or exaggerating your skills will only annoy the interviewer. Plus, hiring managers appreciate honesty more than inflated egos.

  2.Failing to Mention Application

Interviewers do not just want to know about your tech skills. When you are practicing in the mirror, think about specific applications for the company's business. How will your python and CSS or any other skills prowess directly benefit the business. How can you use your python knowledge to increase revenue or improve customer support.

3.Giving Too Much Detail During Answers

If any question is being asked which you know to a certain extent then try to answer it shortly and briefly. Do not start answering questions from the completely. Try to answer the question according to the expectation of the interviewer only. Focus carefully on each question. What is the interviewer looking for.Answer only that one question; don't drift off on a technical tangent that will take the interviewer years to unravel.

4.Not Asking Your Own Questions

It often happens that the candidate interprets the question differently and ends up giving the answer that the interviewer actually does not want. This creates the bad impression and also may reduce your points. Better you clarify questions properly before answering. Also, try to ask the question regarding the company to some extend. This will show your interest in the job and the company creating a good impression. And also  answer all of the interviewer's questions, but donot be afraid to voice your own queries.

5.Neglecting the Results

Many job hunting experts recommend the Example, Specifics, Results  approach to interview answers: give an example, cite specifics, and detail the results. That last point often falls by the wayside during interviews. Youare nervous, so you neglect to detail the ways in which your skills have benefited past employers. Citing numbers and statistics will help you stand out.

6. Bad Communication Skills

So many candidates do not pay attention to their communication but in reality the interviewer will focus most on the communication of the interviewer. Also, many candidate puzzle while answering the question of the interviewer. And one more important thing you must make a proper eye contact during answering.

7. No Enthusiasm

The interviewer will always go selecting the candidate who may have less technical knowledge but enthusiastic enough to get the job rather than the one who has much knowledge but not putting the efforts. The candidate should be able to show their positive attitude  in getting the job and help the company with their knowledge. So to be very precise you must be enthusiastic during job interview.

8.Being unprepared

Obvious lack of preparation is an opportunity crusher. And, lack of preparation usually becomes obvious quickly.So,be prepared preparation will help you demonstrate your interest in them and the job. You will also perform better in the interview when you are prepared.

I hope that this article will help you to prepare well during job interview and you will not repeat the same mistake during your job interview.

                           Thank You!!


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