C++ File Handling seekg() Function

C++ File Handling seekg() Function

In the previous article we have discuss about tellg() Function.If you have not gone through it you see through this link tellg(). In continuation of the previous article we will learn more about seekg() function in this article.  
              Introduction to seekg() Function in C++

seekg() is a function in the iostream library (part of the standard library) that allows you to seek to an arbitrary position in a file. It is used in file handling to sets the position of the next character to be extracted from the input stream from a given file.


There are two syntax for seekg() in file handling :

  1. istream&seekg(streampos position);
  2. istream&seekg(streamoff offset, ios_base::seekdir dir);


  • position : is the new position in the stream buffer.
  • offset : is an integer value of type streamoff representing the offset in the stream%u2019s buffer. It is relative to the dir parameter.
  • dir : is the seeking direction. It is an object of type ios_base::seekdir that can take any of the following constant values.
    There are 3 direction we use for offset value 
  • ios_base::beg (offset from the beginning of the stream's buffer).
  • ios_base::cur (offset from the current position in the stream's buffer).
  • ios_base::end (offset from the end of the stream's buffer).


#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main (int argc, char** argv) {
File("d.txt", ios::in | ios::out );
File << "I love cppsecrets.com";
File.seekg(7, ios::beg);
char F[16];
File.read(F, 14);
[14] = 0;
<<F<< endl;




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