C++ File Handling Introduction

C++ File Handling Introduction

                          Introduction to File Handling in C++

Files are used to store data in a storage device permanently. File handling provides a mechanism to store the      output of a program in a file and to perform various operations on it.

In C++ we have a set of file handling methods. These include ifstream, ofstream, and fstream. These classes        are derived from fstrembase and from the corresponding iostream class. These classes, designed to manage      the disk files, are declared in fstream and therefore we must include fstream and therefore we must include        this file in any program that uses files.

C++ provides us with the following operations in File Handling:

  • Creating a file: open()
  • Reading data: read()
  • Writing new data: write()
  • Closing a file: close()

                                     Modes in File Handling

                Modes                                          Description

                 in                                                Opens the file to read
                 out                                              Opens the file to write
                binary                                          Opens the file in binary mode
                app                                              Opens the file and appends all the outputs at the end
                ate                                               Opens the file and moves the control to the end of the file
                trunc                                            Removes the data in the existing file
               nocreate                                                  Opens the file only if it already exists
              noreplace                                       Opens the file only if it does not already exist

                             Default Open Modes 
                         fstreamios::in | ios::out


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