C++ Container Library Introduction

C++ Container Library Introduction

                             Introduction to Container Library

A container is a holder object that stores a collection of other objects . They are implemented as class templates, which allows a great flexibility in the types supported as elements.

The container manages the storage space for its elements and provides member functions to access them, either directly or through iterators .

Many containers have several member functions in common, and share functionalities. The decision of which type of container to use for a specific need does not generally depend only on the functionality offered by the container, but also on the efficiency of some of its members . 
        Different type of Containers in C++

 1)Sequence container:-
                Sequence containers implement data structures which can be accessed sequentially
  2)Container adaptors:-

                      Container adaptors provide a different interface for sequential containers.

  3) Associative containers:-

                Associative containers implement sorted data structures that can be quickly searched .

  • Set: Collection of unique keys, sorted by keys
  • Map: Collection of key-value pairs, sorted by keys, keys are unique .
  • multiset: Collection of keys, sorted by keys .
  • multimap: Collection of key-value pairs, sorted by keys
 4)Unordered associative containers:-

     Unordered associative containers implement unsorted data structures that can be quickly searched .


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