C++ Who Owns OpenCV

C++ Who Owns OpenCV

OpenCV (Open source computer vision) is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision.It was originally developed by "Intel".Gary Bradsky started OpenCV in Intel.It's library was intended to promote commercial and research use. It is therefore open and free, and the code itself may be used or embedded (in whole or in part) in other applications, whether commercial or research. 

OpenCV is originally written in C++ and its primary interface is in C++, but it still retains a less comprehensive though extensive older C interface. There are bindings in Python, Java and MATLAB/OCTAVE. The API for these interfaces can be found in the online documentation. Wrappers in other languages such as C#, Perl, Ch, Haskell and Ruby have been developed to encourage adoption by a wider audience.

Since version 3.4, OpenCV.js is a JavaScript binding for selected subset of OpenCV functions for the web platform.

All of the new developments and algorithms in OpenCV are now developed in the C++ interface.