Python uu decode method

Python uu decode method

Python uu decode method

This module decode the encoded data into actual file i.e. convert plain text into arbitary binary data.


decode(in_file, out_file=None, mode=None, quiet=False)

This method decodes encoded data taken as file in_file and after decoding place it to the result on file out_file as output. If out_file has a pathname, mode can be used to set the permission bits for the file to be created. If not specify defaults for out_file and mode are taken from the uuencode header. However, if the file in the header already exists, a uu.Error is raised.


decode() may print a warning to standard error if the input was produced by an incorrect uuencoder and Python could recover from that error. Setting 'quiet' to a true value silences this warning.


import uu
import StringIO
infile = "sample1.uue"

fi = open(infile)
fo = StringIO.StringIO()

uu.decode(fi, fo)