Python uu Introduction

Python uu Introduction

Introduction to uu library in python

uu module helps in encoding and decoding files in uuencode format i.e. to convert arbitrary binary data to plain text and vice-versa. When an argument expected is to be file type, an file-like object is accepted by the method. For backwards compatibility, a string containing a pathname is also accepted, and the corresponding file will be opened for reading and writing; the pathname '-' is understood to mean the standard input or output.

This module code was contributed by Lance Ellinghouse, and modified by Jack Jansen.

Importing uu library

import uu

Methods in uu library

encode(in_file, out_file, name=None, mode=None, *, backtick=False)
This method takes binary data and encode it to plain text

decode(in_file, out_file=None, mode=None, quiet=False)
This methods takes encoded text and decode it to binary data


Subclass of Exeception, this can be raised by uu.decode() under various situations