C++ boost::uBLAS::uBLAS vs Eigen

C++ boost::uBLAS::uBLAS vs Eigen


uBLAS provides templated C++ categories for dense, unit and distributed vectors, dense, identity, triangular, banded, symmetric, hermitian and distributed matrices. Views into vectors and matrices may be created via ranges, slices, adapter categories and indirect arrays. The library covers the same old basic algebra operations on vectors and matrices: reductions like completely different norms, addition and subtraction of vectors and matrices and multiplication with a scalar, inner and outer product of vectors, matrix vector and matrix matrix product and triangular thinker.

It supports all matrix sizes, from tiny fixed-size matrices to indiscriminately massive dense matrices, and even distributed matrices. It supports all customary numeric varieties, together with std::complex, integers, and is well extensile to custom numeric varieties. It supports varied matrix decompositions and pure mathematics options. Its scheme of unsupported modules provides several specialised options like non-linear optimisation, matrix functions, a polynomial thinker, FFT, and far a lot of.

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