C++ boost::GIL::gradient over even pixels of the image.

C++ boost::GIL::gradient over even pixels of the image.

Computing gradient over even pixels of the image.

#include <boost/gil/gil_all.hpp>
using namespace boost::gil;

void XGradientRGB16_BGR32(int w, int h, const unsigned char* src_pixels,
int src_rowbytes, signed short* dst_pixels,int dst_rowbytes)
rgb16c_view_t src=interleaved_view(w,h,(const rgb16_pixel_t*)src_pix,src_rowbytes);
/*interleaved view of a source 16 bit rgb(read only image).
rgb32s_view_t dst=interleaved_view(w,h,( rgb32s_pixel_t*)dst_pix,dst_rowbytes);/*
interleaved view of a destination 32-bit signed int rgb image.


/*sub-sampled_view takes the source view and returns a view that steps over x and
over y by the specified steps.*/

We can also pipe those views together.GIL can often optimize complex view transforms
for example if we can create sub-sampled view of another sub-sampled view the result
is a single sub-sampled view whose step is a product of the two input steps.
This is the method of removing a sample aliquot for preparation and measuring from a
private sample or the mixture sample submitted for analysis.

Image result for sub sampling

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