C++ program to find mirror of a given node in binary tree

C++ program to find mirror of a given node in binary tree

Executable on C++11/14/17

Description and Approach:
A template based program can be implemented here. The approach here is to travel on the outer most edges on both sides simultaneously, searching for the required target value. If not found, then move in for the internal nodes and apply the same mechanism until the required node is encountered.


In the above example:
* Node P is the mirror of node D.
* Node F has no mirror node.
* Node A being the root node is the mirror node of itself.

#include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; //Structure of a node template <typename T> struct bin_node { T val; bin_node<T> *l_child; bin_node<T> *r_child; }; //Function to get a new node template <typename T> bin_node<T>* get_node(T val) { bin_node<T> *new_node = new bin_node<T>; new_node->val = val; new_node->l_child = NULL; new_node->r_child = NULL; return new_node; } //Function to find the mirror of the given node template<typename T> T mirror(T required, bin_node<T> *left_view, bin_node<T> *right_view) { if(!left_view || !right_view) //when a NULL node is encountered on any one of the sides, No need to proceed further return T(0); if( left_view->val == required ) //If the required value is on the left side, corresponding right mirror node is returned return right_view->val; if( right_view->val == required ) //Similar to above, but here corresponding left node is returned return left_view->val; T mirror_exist = mirror(required, left_view->l_child, right_view->r_child); //Traverse through the left and right outer edges first if(mirror_exist != T(0)) return mirror_exist; return mirror(required, left_view->r_child, right_view->l_child); //If not found above, traverse through the internal nodes } //Driver program int main() { bin_node<char> *root_node = get_node('A'); //root node initialisation //constructing a sample binary tree root_node->l_child = get_node<char>('Q'); root_node->r_child = get_node<char>('C'); root_node->l_child->l_child = get_node<char>('D'); root_node->l_child->r_child = get_node<char>('F'); root_node->l_child->l_child->l_child = get_node<char>('B'); root_node->r_child->r_child = get_node<char>('P'); root_node->r_child->r_child->l_child = get_node<char>('E'); char reqd_val, mirror_val = '\0'; cout<<"Enter the value whose mirror is required : "<<endl; cin>>reqd_val; if(root_node->val == reqd_val) { cout<<"Mirror of root node is always itself : "<<reqd_val<<endl; return 0; } else mirror_val = mirror(reqd_val, root_node->l_child, root_node->r_child); if(mirror_val) cout<<"The mirror of the required value is : "<<mirror_val<<endl; else cout<<"Mirror for the required value does not exist."<<endl; return 0; }

Time Complexity: O(n), We are just traversing through all the nodes in the tree.

Sample Output:
gs_katti@gsk-47534B:~/Desktop/CppSecret$ g++ 19.mirror_node.cpp gs_katti@gsk-47534B:~/Desktop/CppSecret$ ./a.out

Enter the value whose mirror is required : D The mirror of the required value is : P

gs_katti@gsk-47534B:~/Desktop/CppSecret$ ./a.out

Enter the value whose mirror is required :

F Mirror for the required value does not exist.

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