C++ Boost::algorithm::is_partitioned

C++ Boost::algorithm::is_partitioned

This function is found in header file boost/algorithm/cxx11/is_partitioned.hpp
It analyzes and test whether given sequence is partitioned as per  given predicate or not.
partition here means that all items in the sequence that satisfy predicate  are at beginning.
is_partitioned come in two forms,first one takes two iterators to define the range.The second form takes a single range
parameter,and uses Boost Range to traverse it.

Syntax: bool  is_partitioned(inputiterator first,inputiterator last,Predicate p)  

This function take parameters as:

1) first: It specifies the input iterators to the initial positions in a sequence.
2) second: It specifies the input iterators to the final positions in a sequence.
3) p: It specifies the comparison predicate if specified.
4) r: It specifies the given range completely.

The function is_partitioned returns true if the items in the sequence are partitioned according to their ability to satisfy 
the predicate else returns false.

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
#include <boost/algorithm/cxx11/is_partitioned.hpp>
using namespace std;

//function to check whether
//Given function is odd or not
bool oddCheck(int j)
    return j % 2 == 1;

int main()
   //sequence declaration with
    int d[] = { 1, 2, 7, 8, 10 };
    bool result
        = boost::algorithm::is_partitioned(d, oddCheck);

//Condition to check  
    if (result == 1)
        cout << "Sequence is partitioned";
        cout << "Sequence is not partitioned";
    return 0;

OUTPUT: Sequence is not partitioned