Zope 2

Zope 2

                             Zope 2

 Today you might have been impressed by Python and its use in web frameworks like   Django, Flask, etc, but this streak of recognising Python as a potential web-dev language   has been started by Zope.

              Zope2 is a Python Web Framework. It is a member of the Zope family tree which   also include Zope3 and variations such as Grok and BFG, Plone, Launchpad and Silva.

 There are plenty of reasons for why you should fall in love with Zope2 and they are as   follows-:

       i) The single installation of Zope2 handles all other dependencies of it without the   user's explicit involvement.

      ii) No additional database configuration needed.

     iii) Zope2 goes well in a Virtual Python Environment which keeps it apart from other   projects and applications.

     iv) Zope2 is brilliant if you want to scale it up as a part of your business.

      v) Zope is a leading Content Management Framework. If you have heard about Plone, a   Content Management System, then to impress you more, Zope serves as a base for Plone.