Tips To Help Increase Your Coding Skill !!! %uD83D%uDE42

Tips To Help Increase Your Coding Skill !!! %uD83D%uDE42

In America, there are 300,000+ programmers. The country has 323,000,000+ citizens. That's 1 programmer for every 1076 citizens. This is one of many reasons learning to code can position you for success: coders are scarce; it's basic supply and demand.

Massive tech giants such as Google, the sometimes controversial Facebook, and others have actually designed idiosyncratic coding. They've taken the best that's out there and optimized it. Staying cutting-edge is key to remaining an employable coder. Tech giants like these want you to bring something to the table.


Python is an open-source programming language, maintained and optimized by a notably-sized community. Python is used among businesses large and small that have a close association with IT. Content management is facilitated via Python, and frameworks are put together. Google, YouTube, and Nasa are all known to use this popular coding language.


Java is intensely popular and familiar to most who use the internet. It's a programming language designed to have general-purpose use and represents a core foundation for the development of numerous mobile apps on Android, Apple, and other devices. Java is known to have network library options that are extensive, and exceptional app portability.

Expect Java programming paradigms in communications companies, educational arenas, software development companies, app development companies, and most who put together software meant for internet utility. Error-logging solutions can be key in helping you fix expected errors.


C programming is used in the design of software or applications which aren't meant to be seen as cutting edge, break any new ground, or incorporate ubiquitous visual elements. Operating systems like Windows and Linux regularly employ apps designed in C. Network spreadsheets, interpreters, and drivers will likely be written in C as well.

Many assume C's basic nature defines it as an outdated programming language, but this isn't true. It's in higher use than ever. Apple and Microsoft regularly program in C to facilitate ease of use in varying applications and software.

Learning these three programming languages as best you can ideally position you for employment among top-tier tech companies.

There aren't enough coders, and these companies desperately need them. You'll learn operational idiosyncrasies as you go, but something that's worth taking with you anywhere is good logging practices.

Any application will have errors, and those will be reported and stored somewhere. Finding them faster helps you eliminate them quicker. Doing so will be continuously necessary to keep your application's coding in good health. The code will shift as the app interfaces with the web.

Hope So you Understand Now Why Coding is So Important !!! :)