C++ Shutdown Using C++ Code

C++ Shutdown Using C++ Code

How to Shutdown a Computer using C++ Code

Shutdown & Restart Computer in C++

  • To shutdown and restart you computer using C++ programming, just call the function system() of stdlib.h library which will call the cmd or terminal.
  • So to shutdown and restart your computer, just place your code (including full path) to shutdown and restart your computer.
  • Following C++ program made for both i.e., to shutdown your computer or to restart your computer (shutdown or turn off then turn on), first it will ask to the user that either he/she want to shutdown computer or want to restart computer. 
  • Option 1 is given for shutdown computer and option 2 is given for restart computer. 
  • When the option is entered, then widows system file will be executed which is placed inside the function system() of stdlib.h that letting the system to either shutdown computer or restart your computer. 
  • The delay to shutdown computer or restart computer is 20 second. This time is taken by the system to shutdown computer or restart computer.
  •  But you can change this time like you can make time 0 to shutdown computer or restart computer immediately or you can increase the time to make shutdown computer or restart computer after the given time.


using namespace std;
int main()
int choice;
cout<<"1. Shutdown Your Computer \n";
cout<<"2. Restart Your Computer \n";
cout<<"\n Enter your choice : ";
case 1 : cout<<"Your system will be shutdown after 20 seconds \n";
"c:\\windows\\system32\\shutdown /s /t 20 \n\n");
case 2 : cout<<"Your system will be restarted in 20 seconds\n";
"c:\\windows\\system32\\shutdown /r /t 20\n\n");
default : cout<<"Wrong Choice..!!\n";
return 0;

  • shutdown /s -- The shutdown command. This shuts down the computer when you run it.
  • shutdown /r -- Shuts down the computer, and restarts it afterwards.
  • /t 20 -- Sets the timeout period before the shutdown. The default is 30 seconds, and you may speed things up by setting /t 20.

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