Python Introduction To Sanic Library

Python Introduction To Sanic Library


Module Introduction:

Sanic is a web server and web framework that is written for

Python 3.6+.

It allows the usage of the async/await syntax added in Python 3.5,
which makes the code non-blocking and speedy.

It also provides a simple way to build a highly performing HTTP server

which can further be expanded and also be scaled to meet the future


Installing Sanic Module:

To install Sanic Module you need to have atleast Python version 3.6 

Creating a Hello World Application:

Create a python file and save it as

Running the Hello World Application:

Checking Hello World Application in Browser:

Open the address in your web browser.
Alternatively you can also use the address http://localhost:8000



This article gave a brief introduction to Sanic module. Then 
it is shown how to install this module and then a simple 
hello world application is created using Sanic. In further 
articles we will give you further application of Sanic. 
Please look forward to other articles on Sanic.