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   Python socketserver Request Handler Objects
   Python urllib.request Introduction
   Python Request Objects
   Python Requests Making a request
   Python Requests Retrieving Content
   Python Requests Getting Headers
   Python - HTTP URLs parameters in urllib.request.Request()
   Python Requests Response Status Codes
   Python Sockets, Requests and BeautifulSoup
   Django: Reassponding to web request.
   Python Requests Complicated POST Requests
   Python - Restrictions for Urllib.request()
   Python - urllib.request.Request()
   Python http.server - BaseHTTPRequestHandler Methods
   Introduction to Requests (A module of Python)
   Python SOCKET GET Request
   Python JSON response.json() Python requests
   Python | XMLRPC : CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler
   Python Requests Adding Custom Headers
   Python http.server - BaseHTTPRequestHandler Instance Variables
   PYTHON - urllib.request.urlopen()
   How to install Python Requests Library
   Python http.server - SimpleHTTPRequestHandler Application
   Python http.server - SimpleHTTPRequestHandler - Attributes and Methods
   Python Pyramid Request Processing
   Python Flask Request-Response Cycle
   Introduction to urllib.request
   Python Requests Passing Parameters in URLs
   Python Socket HEAD Request
   Python http.server - BaseHTTPRequestHandler Attributes
   Python: Bottle HTTP Request methods
   Python UrlLib- urllib.requests Module

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