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   Advanced Project 3 - Sentiment and WordCloud Analysis of Online Reviews
   Python turtle Animation Circle Project
   Python turtle Attractive Circle Project
   Advanced Project 2 - Deep Dream AI
   Intermediate Project 2 - Iris Data Classification
   Intermediate Project 1 - Titanic Classification using Decision Tree
   Python turtle National Flag of India Project
   Python turtle Graphics - Pattern project
   Python turtle Star Project
   Python turtle Heart Project
   Python turtle Square Spirograph Project
   Simple Python Projects 9 - Multiplayer Tic-Tac-Toe
   Python tkinter Project
   Simple Python Projects 8 - Select Region of Interest - OpenCV
   Advanced Project - Automatic Facial Recognition Based Attendance System
   Simple Python Projects 4 - Live Talking Counting Clock - Pyttsx3, Tkinter
   Simple Python Projects 3 - Simple Zodiac Sign Teller
   Simple Python Projects 2 - Simple Fortune Teller Game
   Simple Python Projects 1 - Simple Guessing Game
   Python project: Making Google Translate App
   Upgrade to School Management Project
   GUI based School Management Project
   Any Instagram account follow,following and post checking project
   project to check price of any product on flipkart
   Internship Project
   Python Project | Disk Health Monitoring Application | Smartmontools
   Python Project:Making a voice recorder with Python
   Python Project: Attendance Manager GUI application made with Tkinter
   creating project in pythons scrapy library

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