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   C++ boost::ublas::matrix::triangular matrix
   C++ boost::ublas::matrix::scalar matrix
   C++ boost::ublas::matrix::identity matrix
   C++ boost::ublas::matrix
   C++ boost::ublas::binary operator
   C++ boost::ublas::unary operator
   C++ boost::ublas::vector_proxies::vector_slice
   C++ boost::ublas::vector_proxies::vector_range
   C++ boost::ublas::cordinate vector
   C++ boost::ublas::compressed vector
   C++ boost::ublas::mapped vector
   C++ boost::ublas::scalar vector
   C++ boost::ublas::zero vector
   C++ boost::ublas::vector::unit vector
   C++ boost::uBLAS::uBLAS vs Eigen
   C++ boost::uBLAS::mapped_matrix
   C++ boost::uBLAS::Why ublas
   C++ boost::Ublas::Indexed two way iterator
   C++ boost::uBLAS

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