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C++ Algorithms

   Kth smallest element in unsorted array in O(n)
   Minimum Falling Path Sum
   Maximum Length of a Concatenated String with Unique Characters
   Stack Pushing Game(Push Dominoes Game)
   Boats to Save People
   Find Single Non-repeated Number
   Create Ranges
   Restore IP Addresses
   Number of Matching Subsequences
   Max Area of Island
   Number of Islands
   Is Subsequence
   Word Break
   Perfect Number
   Longest Arithmetic Sequence
   Container With Most Water
   Maximal Square
   Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock
   Distance Between Bus Stops
   Validate IP Address
   Longest Mountain in Array
   Sequential Digits
   Path with Maximum Gold
   Longest Increasing subsequences
   Fibonacci Number
   Maximum Sum increasing subsequences
   Binary Tree or BST traversal iteratively
   Permutation Sequence
   QuickSort with Class
   Valid Anagram
   Implement strStr()
   Valid Palindrome
   String to Integer (atoi)
   Intersection of Two Linked Lists
   Multiply Strings
   Palindromic Substrings
   Add Strings
   Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters
   Longest Palindromic Substring
   Jump Game
   Majority Element
   Top K Frequent Elements
   Factorial Trailing Zeroes
   Excel Sheet Column Number
   Find Peak Element
   Letter Combinations of a Phone Number
   Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node
   Permutation Sequence
   Letter Tile Possibilities
   Armstrong Numbers
   Star Pattern - 7
   C++ Program to Identify People Invited in a Party
   Finding the equilibrim of an array
   Finding the missing number using XOR method
   Find out the missing number using sum method
   Finding out the missing number within a range of number
   Star Pattern - 6
   Move Text on Pressing Keys
   Subrarry with the Given sum
   Longest Subsstring
   Longest repeating subsequence
   Longest Palindrome subsequence
   Star Pattern - 5 (Pascal Triangle)
   Pythagorean Triplets
   Sieve of Eratosthenes
   Ramanujan Numbers
   Sorting a Singly Linked-List
   Singly Circular Linked-List
   Merge Two Linked-Lists
   Star Pattern - 4
   C++ Program to find the Height of Binary Search Tree
   Star Pattern - 3
   Factorial using Stack
   Implement Circular Singly Linked List
   Solve Knapsack Problem Using Dynamic Programming
   Star Pattern - 2
   Circular Queue using Array
   Reverse a Singly Linked-List
   Implementation of Stack using Singly Linked-List
   Postfix Expression Evaluation by Stack
   Heart Disease Prediction using Random Forest Classifier
   Algorithm Function adjacent_find
   program to find bridges in a given undirected graph
   Generic Algorithm
   program to play Zombie War
   Merge Sort Algorithm
   Quick sort Algorithm
   Kahn%u2019s algorithm for Topological Sorting
   Convex Hull | Monotone chain algorithm
   finding prime numbers
   Children Sum Parent
   Check if Binary Tree is BST
   Delete Node in Linked List without a head pointer
   Connect all siblings in a Binary Search Tree

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