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   C++ iomanip::resetiosflags()
   C++ std::strcoll()
   C++ iomanip::setiosflags()
   C++ std::strtol()
   OpenSSL - Generating Signature
   C++ std::qsort()
   C++ iomanip::put_time()
   C++ iomanip::get_time()
   C++ iomanip::put_money
   C++ iomanip::get_money
   C++ std::bsearch()
   C++ IOS exceptions()
   C++ std::exception
   OpenSSL- Testing Cipher Suite Support
   input/output library std::skipws
   OpenSSL-Extracting SSL data from a website
   Openssl-Connecting to SSL Services
   C++ iomanip::setbase()
   C++ input/output library std::rename
   OpenSSL - Create a Certificate for OCSP Signing
   C++ input/library std::fseek
   C++ input/output library std::fwrite
   OpenSSL to check and verify SSL/TLS of Website/Webserver
   C++ input/output library std::fputs
   C++ input/output library std::remove
   C++ istrigstream::str
   OpenSSL- ECC Self Signed Certificate
   C++ iostream::readsome()
   C++ istream::read()
   C++ std::fscanf()
   C++ istream::operator>>
   C++ istream::seekg()
   C++ std::hex
   C++ input/output library std::oct
   C++ std::getc
   C++ istringstream::swap()
   C++ istringstream::rdbuf()
   C++ iOS showpoint()
   C++ IOS fputc(), putc()
   C++ std::fflush
   C++ std::vsprintf()
   C++ iomanip::setfill()
   C++ input/output library std::puts
   C++ input/output library std::vfprintf
   c++ std::reminderstd
   C++ std::basic_stringbuf::swap
   C++ istream::unget()
   OpenSSL- ECC Certificates
   C++ IOS sync_with_stdio
   C++ std::printf()
   C++ istream::tellg()
   C++ forward_list::swap()
   C++ istream::sync()
   std::setw and std::setfill
   C++ std::basic_ios::tie
   C++ IOS set_redbuf
   C++ istream::swap()
   C++ istream::putback()
   C++ :: sscanf() function
   C++ IOS :: eof() function
   std::cerr and std::wcerr
   C++ fill( ) function
   C++ Input/Output library
   C++ istream::peek()
   OpenSSL - Root CA Operations
   C++ istream::ignore()
   C++ IOS setstate()
   C++ Remove() Function
   C++ iomanip::setw()
   C++ input/ooutput libraray std::getchar()
   C++ istream::get()
   C++ IOS rdstate()
   C++ std::sstream
   C++ istream::getline()
   Count trailing zeroes in factorial of a number
   OpenSSL - Creating Root CA
   Openssl - Root CA configuration file
   C++ std::strstream
   C++ istream::gcount()
   C++ IOS rdbuf
   C++ iomanip setprecision()
   C++ fstream Library Various Functions
   C++ std::cout
   C++: Program to format Date And Time structure
   C++: Program to display Current Date and Time
   C++: Introduction:: Date and Time
   C++: Signal Handling::raise() function

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