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   C++ tinyxml2::XMLNode
   C++ tinyxml2::XMLDocument::LoadFile
   C++ tinyxml2 installation
   c++ boost::make_shared
   C++ OpenCV cv:: cartToPolar()
   C++ boost::shared_ptr
   C++ OpenCV cv::flip()
   C++ sockpp Introduction
   C++ tinxyxml2 Introduction
   C++ boost::geometry::centroid
   C++ boost::geometry::perimeter
   C++ boost::geometry::algorithms::area
   C++ boost::geometry::geometries::polygon.hpp
   C++ boost::geometry::arithmetic::assign_value
   C++ boost::geometry::arithmetic::dot_product
   C++ boost::geometry::arithmetic::assign_point
   C++ boost::geometry::arithmetic::add_value
   C++ boost::geometry::arithmetic::add_point
   C++ Boost Polygon
   C++ Boost Operators
   C++ Boost MultiArray
   C++ Boost Local Function
   C++ Boost Atomic Reference Of Object
   C++ Boost Atomic Vector
   C++ Boost Atomic Bool
   C++ boost ratio
   C++ libconfig::Config::writeFile( )
   C++ libconfig::Config::setAutoConvert( )
   C++ libconfig::Config::getAutoConvert( )
   C++ libconfig::ParseException - Methods
   C++ OpenCV cv::scaleAdd()
   C++ OpenCV -- Knowing Variance And Covariance
   C++ OpenCV cv::LUT()
   C++ OpenCV cv::minmaxLoc()
   C++ OpenCV cv::calcCovarMatrix()
   C++ libconfig::Setting::exists( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isNumber( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isScalar( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isAggregate( )
   C++ OpenCV cv::sum()
   C++ boast MPL
   Highest resolution timer
   CPP LOG Boast
   C++ OpenCV cv::determinant()
   Multiprecsion float
   Arbitrary precision data type
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isList( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isArray( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isGroup( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::isRoot( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::setFormat( )
   C++ OpenCV cv::insertImageCOI()
   C++ OpenCV cv::perspectiveTransform()
   C++ OpenCV to rotate an image
   C++ sort()
   C++ minmax()
   C++ Common Factor
   c++ boost::bind::binding_template_member_function
   C++ boost::thread::future
   c++ boost::bind::binding_template_function
   c++ boost::bind::binding_virtual_member_function
   C++ boost::thread::condition_variable
   c++ boost::bind::swapping_value_using_boost_bind
   c++ boost::bind::using_placeholders_with_boost_function
   c++ boost::bind::binding_boost_function
   C++ libconfig::Setting::getFormat( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::getType( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::getIndex( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::getParent( )
   C++ libconfig::Setting::getPath( )
   C++ boost::thread::mutex::once_flag
   C++ boost::string::erase()
   c++ boost::bind::binding_overloaded_member_function
   C++ boost::thread::mutex::unique_lock()
   C++ boost::thread::mutex::adopt_lock()
   C++ OpenCV cv::convertScaleAbs()
   Static data member or variable
   Minimum changes to make a string Unique
   Inline function
   Nesting of member function
   Default argument
   Height of a Binary tree
   Return by reference
   Kth smallest element
   Print Nodes at k Distance
   Sum of Leaf nodes of a tree
   24 Game
   Multiplication of two Binary Numbers
   private member function
   Binary tree
   c++ boost::bind::binding_member_function
   C++ boost::thread::mutex::lock()
   C++ boost::chrono::high_resolution_clock()
   C++ boost::thread::mutex::lock_guard()
   C++ boost::chrono::system_user_clock
   C++ boost::minmax()::minmax_element()
   C++ Program to Demonstrate working of Pure Virtual Function.
   C++ Program to Demonstrate working of Virtual Function
   c++ boost::thread::operator()

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