Cppsecrets.com Certification Program

Learnt all the skills? Wanna scale yourself? You have come to the right place. cppsecrets.com is the place where you can assess yourself and get certified for the same. cppsecrets.com certification guarantees the proficiency level in your domain. We provide certification for both C++ and Python. Specific certification categories are -

  • C++ Basic
  • C++ STL
  • C++ 11
  • C++ 17
  • Python Basic
  • Python Advanced

Note - No training for these categories are provided by us. We only provide certification for the skills that you already have.


The value

If you are a fresher or an early professional looking for a line change, then you must value this cppsecrets.com certification. This certification is more or less a symbol of achievement, something tangible that you can hold in your hands. Just finishing a course isn't an achievement until you gain the skills. But how can people know that you have gained the knowledge?

Here we are, cppsecrets.com provides you the certificate to showcase your knowledge, but everything in the world has a price! You'll have to take an exam conducted by cppsecrets.com . Once you qualify, you'll get the certificate, hooray! Wait! It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to qualify the certification exam. The eligibility criteria for qualification will be scoring at least 60% in the exam. We want only deserving ones to receive this valuable certification. The certificate is verified on our website.

Cppsecrets.com Certified Badge

When you are a certified professional by cppsecrets.com, we feel you deserve something more. How about goodies along with the certification? You heard us right! We provide cppsecrets.com T-Shirt to every qualified candidate.

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